I Am Grateful

I am grateful for all the blessings I have and all the blessings I am receiving.

I accept life for what it is. I feel grateful to have what I have and I look forward to every day. As they say, every day we are breathing is a good day. I am just grateful to be alive and healthy. I do what I can to take care of myself and my future, but I never let the stress of improving my life destroy my life. If we work to live, then we shouldn’t kill ourselves working.

I don’t need anything special to be happy. I don’t need to win the lottery or become famous. I find the magic in life itself. I’m happy with what I have. I never take anything for granted.

I don’t need anyone to do anything special for me in order to appreciate them. I can love and enjoy them for who they are.

I don’t need my loved ones to believe the way I believe. I am confident enough in my beliefs that I don’t need everyone to believe what I believe. I can love them anyway.

I am open to new relationships. I am not afraid of friendship. I am open to sharing my views and beliefs. I am happy to speak my mind and listen to others. I’m not afraid of what they think or what they might say. I can accept them for who they are and I am open to being accepted for who I am.

Questions of Reflection:

1. Do I get too caught up in the small stuff?
2. Do I expect too much out of life?
3. Do I expect too much out of others and myself.

2 thoughts on “I Am Grateful

  1. Nancy Wylde

    I have been using affirmations for more than two decades and this has served as a positive stepping stone in rebuilding both my inner dialogue as well as my outer world. I have briefly mentioned affirmations in my latest work ‘Ticket to Freedom’, however of late I have learned the importance of gratitude affirmations. Affirming our gratitude of what we do have, as oppposed to what we have not yet achieved can be powerful. I endured a serious health setback this time last year and though I did all that was necessary for a successful recovery with the help of my Naturopath and Doctor one of the key elements was learning to be grateful every day for every ever so slight improvement. I learned about gratitude through experience and not by reading about the importance of gratitude. Each day that I was able to eat something without agonising suffering I was immensely grateful. This time last year I was surviving on ‘ice’chips’. I had so taken my health for granted and reslised I was never grateful for the simple things in life. I still speak words of gratitude every time I eat a meal now. I cannot for the life of me go without being so very grateful.

  2. Maureen Post author

    Hi Nancy! Thanks for sharing your inspiring story. I’ve also learned that being grateful for what we have here and now creates more to be grateful for. It’s the simple things in life we miss the most when they are taken from us. I am grateful everyday for first off being healthy…because without health it is difficult to care about much else. I wish you continued success and much health and happiness in your life!

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