Each New Day is Another Opportunity

Each new day is another opportunity for me to do it better.

I welcome each new day because it is a chance to do more and be more.  By actively searching for ways to improve my life, I take responsibility for my choices and actions.

There are times when I am disappointed with how I handle a situation.  I am not angry with myself when this happens because I know I can grow from my flaws.  This is why I incorporate thoughtful self-reflection into my life.

When I identify how I could have done better, I allow myself the opportunity to be better the next time I encounter similar circumstances.  Every day, I strive to improve myself and become a better person.

Though each day may begin with a sunrise and end with a sunset, all that happens in between is unique.  I love the possibility that each new day holds.  Becoming the person I desire is always within my reach.

With the end of each day, I let go of disappointments and look out for new opportunities.

Learning from my mistakes and accomplishments is a great gift from my past.  Receiving the possible joys and surprises of life is a gift from my future.  I am so blessed that my Creator has given me so many days of opportunity.

With the gift of each day, I strive to become a better person. I actively search out ways to improve myself.  I am so excited to see what opportunities tomorrow brings.

Questions of Reflection:

1.    What can I learn from today’s experiences?
2.    What do I hope to achieve tomorrow?
3.    Do I take advantage of each opportunity to become a better person?

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